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Selling real estate has always been one of my life's passions. I will use my expansive knowledge of general contracting, real estate and the nuances of residential life in the South Jersey area to help you find exactly what you and your family is looking for in a home. The money invested in a home will always be best spent in the buying of a home not the selling. My job as your agent is to make sure all my clients invest in a home wisely. From receiving my contractor's license and starting my first building business in 1982, to starting the extremely successful rehabilitation, renovation, and luxury development company RT Properties, LLC in 1998, my knowledge and experience in local real estate and development spans over 25 years. I was also fortunate enough to raise my family on the south Jersey Beaches and know this real estate market extremely well. I have many family, friends and clients here. I have also been a local resident my entire life. One of the things that make me most proud is to walk into any restaurant or local market and shake hands with any of my past clients.

Franklin LaVerde works in 马盖特城 which has a population of 8,193. 马盖特城 has a household income of $45,876. The educational attainment of residents of 马盖特城 includes 58.23% of adults who have at least a college degree.
Residents in 马盖特城 will typically attend school in Margate City.

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Franklin LaVerde

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